Are you thinking of investing in fabrication services for your company, organization, or commercial property? There are many different types of fabrication and design services available for you to customize and redesign the interior and exterior of your building/space. Here are 3 of the most common types of fabrication services to consider investing in for your business or property: Metalworking in St Paul MN


Metalworking or metal fabrication is an extremely useful fabrication and design service seeing as it can be used to make all sorts of different kinds of fabrications, such as custom signage/custom signs, metal awnings, metal canopies, custom wall panels, custom ceiling panels, pipe railing/tube railing, decorative railings, decorative fencing, metal decorations, custom shelving, wall coverings, and much more. Metalworking services can be used to create all kinds of unique, custom, and durable pieces that will be a worthwhile investment in your business and property and that can help you improve the brand, appearance, and image of your company/property as well. For custom metal fabrication services, feel free to contact Evergreen Creative, the best metalworkers in St Paul MN, today.


Another popular type of fabrication service to consider utilizing is woodworking services. Woodworking can be used to create all kinds of custom displays, decorations, and more for your business/property. Some of the common types of woodworking fabrications include: custom signage, custom railings or fencing, custom wall panels/ceiling panels, custom shelving, and much more. To learn more about our woodworking services, feel free to contact Evergreen Creative, the best woodworkers in St Paul MN.

Exhibit & Display Fabrication

Lastly, many businesses and organizations also tend to invest in custom exhibit and custom display fabrication services as well. These types of services can be used for things such as custom trade show booths, experiential displays, museum exhibits/museum displays, display cases, retail displays, and much more. For more information on the types of exhibits and displays we can create, feel free to contact your local exhibit fabricators in St Paul MN at Evergreen Creative, or check out our portfolio here.

Exhibit Fabricators St Paul MN | Interested In Our Services?

Whether we’re executing on a well-defined plan or helping with initial designs, our team has the experience and expertise to join the project wherever we’re needed within Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and nationally across the USA!

Are you looking to create an exhibit or display for your company? Evergreen Creative LLC is an exhibit design firm, and, for more than 30 years, we have been designing, fabricating, and installing award-winning experiential displays, museum exhibit design and fabrication, custom fabrication, props, display kiosks, retail display design, wallscapes, advertising kiosks, retail fixtures and signage, metalwork, corporate event stages, tradeshow booths, and sculptural elements. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us for a custom display or exhibit in Saint Paul MN, or click here to check out our work.

Metalworking in St Paul MN

Metalworking in St Paul MN

Metalworking in St Paul MN