Metalworking Minneapolis MN

Are you a museum that is in need of some fabrication and design services? One of the most commonly utilized fabrication services for museums is metalworking services. Metalworking can be used to create all kinds of interesting, appealing, and useful fabrications. Here are some of the most popular metal fabrication services that many museums tend to utilize for their businesses: Metalworking Minneapolis MN


Signage is perhaps one of the most important parts of a museum. When it comes to museums, you need all sorts of signage: exterior signage to indicate what your building is and to attract people’s attention, directional signage, emergency exit/route-related signage, service-related signage, signage for displays or exhibits, informational signage, etc. And, since many museums are often changing their exhibits or adding additions onto the museum, there is a constant need for new and up-to-date signage all of the time. If your museum is in need of new signage, then don’t hesitate to contact your local exhibit fabricators in Minneapolis MN at Evergreen Creative today.


Another common type of metalwork that many museums are in need of are displays. This includes display cases, interactive displays, information displays, aesthetic displays, and more. Since museum exhibits are generally meant to be half visual and half informational, metal fabrication services allow museums to do both at the same time.

Experiential Exhibits

Lastly, another common component of many museums is experiential exhibits and exhibits in general. Since exhibits are oftentimes large and need to be built to last for many years to come, most exhibits utilize some sort of metalworking services in addition to other types of fabrication and design services in order to make sturdy and reliable exhibits that can be used for many years to come.

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Whether we’re executing on a well-defined plan or helping with initial designs, our team has the experience and expertise to join the project wherever we’re needed within Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and nationally across the USA!

Are you looking to create an exhibit or display for your company? Evergreen Creative LLC is an exhibit design firm, and, for more than 30 years, we have been designing, fabricating, and installing award-winning experiential displays, museum exhibit design and fabrication, custom fabrication, props, display kiosks, retail display design, wallscapes, advertising kiosks, retail fixtures and signage, metalwork, corporate event stages, tradeshow booths, and sculptural elements. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us for a custom display or exhibit in Minneapolis MN, or click here to check out our work.

Metalworking Minneapolis MN

Metalworking Minneapolis MN

Metalworking Minneapolis MN