Bass Ride

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Project Description

Museum Exhibit Fabrication in Los Angeles CA

Our design agency partner came to us looking for a way to fabricate a larger than life bass fish that could be mounted on a bull ride mechanism. It needed to be durable enough for people to ride while being featured at a fishing convention.

Our Solution

With their vision already in place, the client looked to us for a way to execute it quickly and within their fiscal limits. We relied on the expertise of our in-house sculptors and painters to bring the vision to life and create this larger than life sculpture.

Our Engagement

We were given photos of real bass by our agency partner to work off of.  We translated those images into a design that was feasible in the real world and could be fabricated within the allotted budget. Using fiberglass over a steel armature, we constructed a bass ride that was durable, eye catching, and memorable for the convention goers.